Monday, December 13, 2010

this week!

i come to the states for the christmas holiday this week. here are some things for which i'm excited. 
i think they're trying to kill me
i'm excited to see so many people. but for reasons that are obvious, levi gets the top spot. he's so tiny! 

taking a bath
my shower consists of the very common french situation where the shower head is not attached to the wall so you have to hold it  the entire time you shower. great for conserving water, not so great for my right arm not getting exhausted holding the shower head up in the air. i'm sure there's a joke about the french not bathing/smelling bad in there somewhere. 

just kidding.

but seriously.
my "kitchen" is a corner of my studio. i broke my only two mugs and haven't made the trip back out to ikea yet. so for the moment i'm drinking instant coffee out of a bowl. this leads to me craving good, american-style coffee and being severely over-caffeinated. 

i'm really happy here in france, but i'm so excited to come home to the one thing i get truly homesick for: people. i fly in thursday and will be in the states for a little over two weeks and if you're reading this, chances are i want to see you. so let's make that happen! à bientôt, mes chéris! 


  1. Hannah, everyone is right, you blog is fantastic! You're so cheeky and you made me laugh (McDo photo. Work. It.) I look forward to reading more in the future. Have a wonderful time at home with the newest member of ta famille! xo

  2. Levi is adorable. but on another note, check out that lady's candle situation! impressive/fire hazard

  3. thanks, liz!
    also note the glass of wine in her right hand situation. equally impressive!