Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i have been in france for a month and a day today.  
the time has passed with varying speeds. the first 5 days here felt like 5 years and i couldn't imagine how i would make it to december, much less to may. 
but of course now it feels like december is speeding towards me and time is flying past. we're on holiday for toussaints right now so i'm getting a little bit of time to catch my breath. it's nice to have a break, but it's also difficult to not be able to get into a rhythm here.  between all the breaks and strikes, i haven't been able to get into a routine yet. we also have wednesdays off. a mini-weekend in the middle of the week is great for running errands, but not so great for me keeping track of what day of the week it is. 

also, my birthday is in two weeks. i'm trying not to, but i'm definitely getting anxious about it. i'm not worried about the birthday so much (though i am getting incredibly old and this is the beginning of the downward spiral to 30), but more about the fact that i won't be spending it with my family or friends from home. there is no one here whom i've known for more than 6 weeks and something about my birthday makes me want to spend it with people who have known me, who have been around for the past year i'm celebrating. 
but i should really stop worrying and being a brat because the friends i've made here are amazing, and there's something about being in a foreign country together that bonds people together very quickly. 
a friend here has a saying that it will either be a good time or a good story. i love that way of looking at life. it will be a great day regardless of my worrying, or it will be a miserable day upon which i will eventually be able to look back and laugh. i'm in an exciting place in my life and i have so much to look forward to in my 24th year. 

that said, if you wanted to send me some mail, that wouldn't hurt either. 
b.p. 60010
13181 aix-en-provence
cedex 5, france


  1. OK - Hannah - I'll sort out a www.aTasteOfGarlic.com birthday card for you (on behalf of all our readers.)

    When is your exact birthday?

    All the best


    P.S. You are right, you know! "You am getting incredibly old and 24 is the beginning of the downward spiral to 30"

    P.P.S. And once you get to 30... Well, bits stop working (or dropping off etc.)

  2. Feeling very very old going into my 34th year.....